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OK readers, in light of a few recent posts that are bringing me a little down, a post about the positives of right now:

D and I bought a house. When we aren’t feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of long-term debt, we are basking in the joy of having our own little home. The house came to us through a bit of wu wei; we noticed the ‘for sale’ sign at the bottom of a driveway on Bee Branch at a time when we were just settling into my grandparents house right up the road. We took a look just for the heck of it, met the owners and heard their amazing story of working on the house over the years. They bought the four acres from their friend, ordered the cedar logs from British Columbia, and have been laboring in love, little bits at a time (as this was their vacation home) since the 70’s. D and I fell in love with its small size, cozy wood stoves  and cedary-smells, and have been blessed to work with owners who empathize with our less-than-impressive income.

a little peek of the little cedar house on bee branch

We put up our first Christmas tree in the house last weekend. Need I say more?

courtesy of Harrell Hill Farms

the magic

We traded in the old mini-van for a new car. Yep. Crazy. Jetta, TDI, car of my dreams. Loving the gas mileage and the coolness. Not gonna lie.

I have a full-time job (thus the house and the car, whew)! After a year of working one part time job, a month of working two part-time jobs, I finally have full-time work with GEAR UP NC in the Yancey County School system. For the next seven years, I hope to be working with parents and families to see more students graduate high school and succeed on a wide range of post-secondary paths.

Gearing Up at the high school!

In many ways this year, I am feeling for the first time like maybe I am becoming an adult. With real pain and suffering has also come real joy. Alongside all the unsettling, unpleasant changes I’ve been experiencing lately, I must also acknowledge the sweetness of the positives.


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Since moving back to the mountains of North Carolina with my husband after completing graduate school in 2011, I've been reconnecting with the people and places of my childhood, slowly engaging in a new existence here, and settling back into the mountains of my heart.

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  1. I am so proud of you and D!!!! I think you are some of the most compassionate
    people ever!!! And it really makes me proud to call you family. Love you both and hope to see your house soon!!!


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